Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Master Pancake Theater Presents Total Recall

     Ok, this is not, technically, a movie review, but I'm going to say a few words anyway.  Last Friday night, I, and about eleven friends, co workers, and guests, went to go see Master Pancake Theater at the Alamo Drafthouse, Ritz, as they mocked "Total Recall."

     If you don't know what Master Pancake Theater is, or what the Alamo Drafthouse is, the harsh and cruel reality of your cold and pitiful existence saddens me almost to the point of tears.  (...or not.)  The Alamo Drafthouse is a uniquely Austin (Texas, that is) movie going experience.  Movies, good food, no commercials before the previews, unique, pre-show entertainment, and alcohol, and that's only for normal movies.  They also have special events, like, Master Pancake TheaterMaster Pancake Theater is very much like Mystery Science Theater 3000, where comedians watch a movie and make fun of it, except, for Master Pancake Theater, this is done live, in a theater full of people that sells out every showing, and they bring food and beer right to your seat.  Surely, this must be as close as we can come to nirvana.  So, while you were doing whatever Friday night, I was, literally, laughing myself hoarse, with friends and good food.

     The Total Recall show was, hilarious, as they all are, (every showing selling out should be a hint of this) even if a lot of the comedy is obvious.  Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't exactly hard to make fun of.  However, the troupe was in top form and the odd, grunting noise that Schwarzenegger tends to use in place of actual vocabulary never gets old. 

     If you get the opportunity, go the the Alamo Drafthouse and see ANY Master Pancake show.  I can guarantee, you will not regret it.  Buy your tickets early, online, because they will sell out days ahead of time. 

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